Monday, November 7, 2011

The Best Soup You've Ever Had

I promise.

Ok, don't actually hold me to that, because for all I know, you've had the most amazing soup in the whole world that's made out of pure truffles and cream or something. Or you have strange taste buds that don't like awesome things. But disregarding those two things, you just may agree with me here.

Anyway, this crockpot chicken enchilada soup recipe is from So Tasty, So Yummy (although I believe she credits someone at Tasty Kitchen) and you must try it. I have tried so many different chicken tortilla soup recipes and this one blows the rest out of the water.  It's incredibly easy to make, too, which is always a bonus.

Besides amazing food news, I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was fantastic, although as always, it flew by! Friday night we went out to dinner with our great friends Danny and Nichole and their one-year-old daughter Stella. Then, because we can never get enough of them, we went over to their house on Saturday night to eat BBQ and watch football. I may have spent at least half of this time browsing US Weekly and the J.Crew catalog, but I'll call it "watching football". 

On Sunday we drove to Winston-Salem to eat brunch with David and Kimber at Willow's Bistro. The food was amazing. I had the fried green tomato BLT because really, how often do you see that on a menu? Gotta take advantage when that's an option, right?After brunch I went shopping and Corey did some work until it was time for dinner at Robert and Korey's house in Greensboro. They have a 17-month-old, Jack, who we haven't seen in a year, so it was so great to get to see all three of them. Omar also drove to Greensboro from Chapel Hill so we all had dinner (Korey's delicious chili) together. Such a fantastic Sunday treat.

On the way home, Corey said, "You know we're so lucky, right?" 

I couldn't agree more. :)


  1. I checked out the recipe and I am just waiting to make it. It sounds very yummy and I like how she found a replacement for the canned soup! -KAE

  2. Yay!!! Please let me know how you like it! I seriously just ate it 3 nights in a row! Miss you!