Sunday, November 27, 2011

Celebrity Marathoners

Hi everyone! So to culminate the end of marathon training week #1, I thought I'd put together a fun post about celebrity marathoners. Ever wondered who else has run the big 26.2? Well, here you go!

Ryan Reynolds: New York City Marathon 2008- finished in 3:50:22

Mario Lopez, Boston Marathon 2003- 5:41:42 and New York City Marathon 2011- 4:23:30

Christy Turlington Burns, New York City Marathon 2011- 4:20:47

Katie Holmes, New York City Marathon 2007- 5:29:58

Al Gore, Marine Corps Marathon 1997- 4:58:25

P. Diddy, New York City Marathon 2003- 4:14:54

Oprah, Marine Corps Marathon 1994- 4:29:20

Alanis Morissette, Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon 2009- 4:17:03

Meredith Vieira- 5:59:00 and Al Roker- 7:09:44, New York City Marathon 2010

Will Ferrell, Boston Marathon 2003- 3:56:12

And now for some other WAY MORE awesome "celebrities" you may recognize!!!!!

David and Kimber Clark

Heather Grant- who (I have to brag for her) just qualified for and is running Boston in April!

Nicole and Brandon Bookstaver

Rachel Baxter DeBacker

Amanda Kidd Pelfrey

Demian Kendall

Carrie Montgomery

If I missed you please let me know! :)

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