Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anniversary gifts

So for anyone who isn’t aware (like I wasn’t until about a month ago), the suggested gift for a one-year wedding anniversary is paper. Not exactly romantic or exciting, but at least vague enough for options. Of course the first thing I thought of for Corey was some kind of sporting event tickets- and what better than South Carolina season football tickets? Until I found out that season tickets require a multi-thousand dollar donation or something ridiculous like that. No, thank you…at least not right now! I should have known that but I guess I was living in a dream world for a few minutes.

So what did I end up with? A groupon! And not just any groupon- a groupon for a flight lesson at OpenAir Flight Training in Gaithersburg, MD. Plus two different (I think?) college football magazines. I'm pretty pumped about reading those! But at least they’re paper.

As for my presents, I got a few, including one that was so sweet and personalized that I’m not even allowed to share it. I think Corey’s afraid he’d get his man card taken away or something like that. But, I will be framing it so anyone that’s interested will just have to come over to get a peek! The others were these (yep, paper again):


If you’re interested, buy from Amazon here: Women and here: Cookbook.

Finally, the last two gifts were printouts of information about the Dowd YMCA half marathon on October 22, which (drum-roll please)…Corey is going to run with me! I am so excited and interested to see how this goes. ;) I’m already running the Thunder Road half marathon with Pamela (YAY!) on November 12 so this makes for two half marathons in the fall. I guess that means I have to keep running through this horrendous heat wave!

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  1. I'm SOOOO impressed that Corey is going to run a half marathon with you! Go Corey!!!!