Thursday, June 2, 2011

Get (it) in where you fit (it) in

That was my motto for today. Since the half marathon on May 15th I’ve been slacking resting more than usual. I have only run three times before this week and have only gone to yoga a couple times. Yesterday I had a headache and didn’t feel like doing anything so I was DEFINITELY going to get up and workout this morning. Until I pressed snooze once. And again. And again. And then it was way too late. In fact, so late that I finished drying my hair just in time to catch the shuttle to the metro and didn’t have time to wear makeup to the office. Somehow, though, I did manage to throw some running clothes in a bag. Gotta have priorities, right? I’m just not sure mine are in the right place. ;)

I have a happy hour for our new intern and then yoga tonight so I knew it would have to be during lunch or nothing. Thank goodness the heat and humidity have lessened in the last few days so I actually had quite a nice run on the mall, where all the DC monuments are located. It doesn’t surprise me at all that DC is one of the fittest cities in the country because there were a ton of people out there! Luckily there is a shower in my office gym so I was able to rinse off although my face was still purple when I got back to my cube. Oh well- a short three mile run but at least it’s getting some miles in and I somehow made it work!

On a semi-related note, I have to give a few words of love to Pamela, whose sweet post literally had me in tears last night. What an amazing friend and how lucky am I? Let me just say this. I have friends who make me laugh. I have friends who care about the same social and political issues that I do. I have friends who I can talk about clothes with. I have friends that I can go out and have fun with. I have friends who I can talk about anything with without feeling judged. I have friends who are interested in fitness. I have friends who enjoy trying new restaurants and places. I have friends who are intelligent and well-spoken. I have friends who make me feel better by being around them. I have friends who truly make me smile just because I see them. But all those in one person? Those are really, really rare. Those true soulmates don’t come around very often and Pamela is definitely one of them. The best thing about Pamela, though, is that I know we won’t lose touch and we’ll continue to be great friends even when we’re separated by geography. As I said- how lucky am I?

Speaking of amazing friends, my friend Heather read my food post yesterday and sent me a ton of new recipes today and I can’t wait to try them! Yum!

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  1. We just love each other :) Already looking forward until Saturday!