Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Why today isn’t quite that awesome----yet

  1. All morning I thought it was Wednesday. It’s not. Just FYI.
  2. I have on my favorite black dress. Love this dress, except for the fact that the lining tore a while ago (like, a long while ago- I mean, it was something like $24.99 from Target) and I keep wearing it anyway. Well, today the lining kept flapping around and was driving me crazy so I decided to cut it out, which I thought I could do at my desk without anyone noticing. The good- no one noticed. The bad- in my haste to do this, I literally cut a hole in my dress. So now the underside is taped so that everyone can’t see the large gaping hole in my used-to-be-favorite black dress. Fail.
  3. I keep opening the bottom drawer of my desk hoping to see snacks but they’re not appearing. And yes, that is a large box of popcorn you see but I really think popcorn’s only appropriate for the afternoon, right?

Why today will be awesome---soon

  1. I get to leave work early to go to a meeting about the past 30 years of HIV in the United States. This is one of my favorite topics to learn more about because it combines my background in counseling and public health. Plus getting out of the office for a little bit is always exciting!
  2. I am going to eat Indian food with Pamela tonight!! Yay! I haven’t had Indian food in forever and it’s seriously one of my favorite types of cuisine. So I’m pretty pumped about that.
  3. I’m looking forward to Friday because I’m going to run on the mall and go to ashtanga yoga (if I get in from the wait list- fingers crossed). Three days of looking forward to that makes me happy. I’ll definitely miss running here after we move:

(No, that’s not taken at this time of year, obviously. At this time of year it would look much more blazingly hot and would be very crowded, which I actually love. People watching+running=awesome).

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