Thursday, June 23, 2011

What do you need in your life to be happy?

So Corey asked me tonight to make two lists. One was the restaurants I wanted to go to before we leave DC. Obviously I already have that list made and have for weeks! It's actually not very long, only because those *to die for* restaurants are really out of our budget right now with all the moving costs and our upcoming trip to San Diego. And sadly to admit, I'm not usually as impressed with them as I think I probably should be. So it's really a list of places that I've already been and want to go back to one more time: Matchbox, Red Rocks, Warehouse, Lauriol Plaza, Art and Soul and Nando's. And I really doubt we'll get to all those- we really don't have much time left at all.

The second list he wanted me to make was of the things in life that really make me happy.  He asked me this because he knows very well how hard it is going to be to work from home every day and I suspect he's a little worried that I'm not going to be happy living in Charlotte (this may have something to do with me crying the whole way home from our wonderful date last weekend because we were moving...oops ;)). This is obviously a much harder list to make! I can come up with the easy stuff quite quickly- running, yoga, good books, trying new restaurants, and traveling (that one's definitely been missing recently and probably will be for a while). The other intangible things are much harder to think of and even harder to make happen: relationships with people that accept me for who I am, a place where I feel truly comfortable and at home, a sense of contentment and do you list those things and even more important, how do you make them come true?

One thing that made me happy today was the flower arrangements that were left over from our work meeting! We had a ton left so all the staff were able to take one if they wanted:

It's totally the little things. ;)

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