Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Subtitle 1: That I am completely unqualified to do.

Subtitle 2: Definitely don't take my advice. ;)

So it's interesting now that Corey and I are half-marathon training together. Suddenly I, the still-new runner,  am the expert. It's up to me to create the training plan (this isn't actually that hard- thank you, Hal Higdon), keep us motivated and answer all the questions. Granted, he could do all these things himself, but in this setting I'm the more experienced one. It also means that I am running at a slower pace than I typically would- something which actually doesn't bother me as I re-adjust to the North Carolina humidity. It does leave me wondering, though, when I should push him and when I should back off. I'd like for us to progress together so we can both feel successful at the end of this journey.

(Don't worry too much- at this point I'm still getting my long runs in alone- or at least part of them- so I can push the pace some. Tell me that makes some sense at least? I know my long run should be slow but I promise I'm not breaking any speed records here. )

Sunday night I decided to insert some fartleks into our 3-mile run. During the last mile we would sprint-ish every few telephone poles. It actually ended up being super fun and our last mile was much faster than the preceding two! I know Corey enjoyed it too because when we were running this morning he said, "telephone pole- go!". I'm going to go ahead and call that success.

The best feeling, though, was on Monday, when Corey said he couldn't wait to run again. I know everyone who runs- or does anything they really like, for that matter- knows the feeling of really starting to get hooked on something. That's SO exciting and refreshing, and I love seeing it through his eyes all over again.

Now if I could only get him to chat with me while running like this girl does! Any tips on that? Of course, I guess if I was successful in getting my husband to talk it up about random subjects with me all day I could definitely sell that and be a millionaire by now...;)

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  1. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this post! So glad that Corey is getting into running! :)