Saturday, August 6, 2011

4 Miles

Yep, apparently that's all it mile 2.3 today, when Corey wanted to stop and I said no, he announced that he would be drawing up divorce papers once we got home. We haven't discussed it since but I imagine it's going to be difficult for the dogs. Our friends and family should have an easier time, I think....after all, I'm sure they'll clearly pick me when it comes times to choose sides. ;)

We were both super lazy this morning and didn't roll out of bed until after 8:30, so we got started much later than usual. I think the heat affected Corey's stomach but I still think he did well! We tried out a new course today- the McAlpine Creek Greenway. It was so nice to be running on a wooded trail instead of past a million cars on the road. I really enjoyed it and think I would definitely go back!

Also, such a great thing happened yesterday! I stopped by a running store that is opening in South Park and happened to win a free sports bra. Seriously...I love running, I love shopping, and I REALLY love free stuff, so this made my day. Or week. Or maybe even month.

Now off to shower, relax a bit and then head to Winston-Salem for a great dinner with our friends Kimber and David!

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