Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Super Day of Health

But probably not how you're thinking. I took off work today to do one of those super-exciting tasks that comes with moving- new doctor appointments! Specifically, I had an appointment with my new primary care physician at 10:30 AM and my new dentist at 2 PM. The good news was that I liked them both and I had no cavities! That's the first time I've gone to the dentist in the last couple of years and had no cavities or spots they were "watching." I also felt like both doctors were really comprehensive. At my PCP, they measured my waist circumference and at my dentist, they even measured the amount of space between my gums and my teeth (or something like that) so they can track any changes over time. I mentioned to my PCP that one of my friends (Hi!!!) told me about using magnesium to prevent migraines and she recommended I try that and 400 mg of Vitamin B6 daily before trying anything else. I like that idea.

I also got a flu shot this afternoon when I went to RiteAid to get the Vitamin B6. Anyone else feel really, really good about themselves after they do a grown-up task like that? I honestly feel like I am so incredibly responsible. ;) I had to pay for it (I wouldn't have if I had remembered it when I was at the doctor's office) but I figured it was one of those things you better do while it's convenient.

In between my appointments I spent some time walking around the mall in a last-ditch effort to find a new dress for the GA-SC game this weekend but was unsuccessful. I also ate lunch at the food court...don't worry, I'm not fooling myself in any way that this was really healthy but at least I got some nutrients in with the veggies...right? Right.

When I was looking at my phone for this picture I saw this precious one and couldn't help but share. Riley was trying to go to Charleston any way he could!

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