Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long weekend and short week!

Good morning, friends! I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. I know I did! Our friends from DC, Jake and Brenna, visited on Friday night before we headed down to Charleston for a friend's wedding. It was wonderful to spend time with the two of them and their precious doggies, Milo and Morey.

We arrived in Charleston a little before 4 PM on Saturday and had to quickly check in to both of our hotels, get ready and hurry to the wedding. I have to say we were all looking quite glamorous. ;)

The wedding was tons of fun! We were spoiled with a dinner of she-crab soup, a mozzarella and tomato tower, and filet and crab cake entree. I think Brenna and I spent the entire time on the dance floor while the guys hung out by a cocktail table and talked sports.

(kind of like this)

The next day we slept in, which was fantastic, then we went on a carriage tour of downtown Charleston. When that was over we were starving (or at least I was!) so we had lunch and then toured the market, where we bought quite a bit of treats. I was thrilled to find chocolate covered gummy bears- my favorite!

Sunday night the four of us went to 82 Queen for dinner and O.M.G. Definitely one of the top 10 best meals I've ever had. Brenna and I both started with cocktails. I got the Sparkling Melon, which had melon liquor and was super sweet, just like I like it! Then Corey and I split two appetizers- the Grilled SC peaches and a special, fried pimento cheese grits and shrimp bites. The special appetizer was the best dish of the night! For my entree I had the grilled shrimp and scallops, which was absolutely superb. I think I'd drive to Charleston just to eat here again! Particularly if we all split three desserts again! ;)

We got home around noon yesterday and I promptly took a long nap. Then Corey and I went on a painful short run. After traveling all last week (I was in NY for work throughout the week) I hadn't run in 5 days, and my legs were definitely complaining! Hopefully it was a good ice-breaker to get me back into running and today's run will be better.

Happy TUESDAY- getting closer to Friday!

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