Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Exhaustion

Yep, it’s official- that’s what I’ve got. ;) It’s been a great couple of weeks- awesome friends in town and a fantastic trip to San Diego. Except that now I feel like this:

And I need to feel like this for the task that awaits me:

(BTW, if you haven’t discovered LOLCats, you really need to. Amusement for days.)

Yep, it’s packing and moving time! A week from today Corey and I (along with my mom, who’s going to be great and drive one of our cars down) will be moving down south to Charlotte, NC.

Fortunately a lot of the moving logistics have been completed, and the packing and moving itself really won’t be that bad. And the best part is that in one week, it will be done! And unpacking is so much better than packing- probably because by that point you’ve gotten rid of all the crap that’s been accumulating in your place for years and years.

I’d still rather be here:

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