Friday, July 15, 2011

Packing Counts as Cardio

I mean, I’m sure it totally does. Then we can completely ignore the fact that I’ve only run once this week and twice the week before. It’s fine. And let’s also ignore the fact that I headed out for 5 miles on Wednesday and only made it three before I came home and collapsed on the couch in a sweaty heap. No big deal.

Denial is my best friend. ;) Besides these guys, of course:

Ah, well. My biceps have definitely been getting a workout so I’m pretty sure I’ll look like She-Ra fairly soon. I am going to get in my last run on the mall this afternoon, though! Plus, in a week or so the moving will be over and life will be normal-ish again. I also bought a groupon to a new gym in Charlotte that I’m super pumped about trying! Air yoga, here I come…

Should I even mention my breakfast of champions this morning? A donut and a diet pepsi…it’s almost as good as overnight oats. ;)

P.S. I've had a couple of emails from people saying that the comments section wasn't working for them. I changed it so you don't have to register to comment (at least I think I did). Hopefully it works now!

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