Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot town, summer in the city

Note: This post is a week old now. I wrote it on Saturday, July 16 and realized I didn't have my camera cord because it was already packed- so it's just slightly delayed. We're now unpacked and re-settled in Charlotte!

So a slow 4 miles after work last night and a sloooooooooooooower 4 miles today. It's amazing how quickly you can lose fitness when you start slacking for a few weeks---or at least my body seems to take forever to get used to running again!

Or perhaps this was the reason for the slow 4 miles today?

LOL, just kidding. I didn't drink all those. Actually, to be honest, I didn't drink any of those. Those were all the beers that Corey and I had had left over over the last couple of years from having people over. I guess we thought we would get around to drinking at least some of them at some point but then we never did, so down the drain they went. At least we're making progress and our apartment is actually starting to look like we're moving!

I thought I'd share some of the pictures from when our friends Marc and Ashley were in town:

We had a great time! And I was so happy when they showed up and said they wanted to go running one day! The Sunday they were here all four of us went out for a morning run and it was awesome. I haven't been able to run with Pamela for a few weeks so it was fantastic to have people to run and chat with again.

Now off to ice, nap and pack again!

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